INFIKNIT™ the latest proprietary technology of the brand STANCE had its premier presentation at ISPO this January 2020. Randy Shackler, Director of Product Education of STANCE, personally attended the tradeshow to demonstrate the innovation in workshops with tear-off tests (aggression allowed!). Launching INFIKNIT™ STANCE is promising its customers a lifetime warranty for their socks. In the interview with the Boardsport Magazine SOURCE Randy is talking about details and background of the latest technology, the lifetime warranty and about his role within the STANCE team.

Harry Mitchell Thompson, Source Editor: My first impression of INFIKNIT’s lifetime guarantee was that it sounds like a salesman’s worst nightmare! But you say that as long as you keep doing new collaborations, new colourways etc, your consumer – and especially the sneaker freaker type – is always looking for the next cool trend, so it doesn’t matter if they last forever, they’ll want the next hit, the next marketing campaign…

Randy: Yes, we have to be careful when we talk about INFIKNIT, it’s important to delineate that INFIKNIT is 100% an all performance sock, but it is not going to be 100% in all casual socks. It’s only in selected styles. So when you make reference to the sneaker freaks, we are still cognizant to what their needs and demands are. And we will still be providing those quick hit styles that ultimately will build on scarcity so that they can have them, keep them. And we know that they’re not overly interested in if it will last forever. They just need to make sure that the colour doesn’t come off in their shoe!


Randy Sheckler aka Poppa Shecks

Harry Mitchell Thompson: Can you describe your job in detail a little bit for us?

Randy: My job is to articulate the features and benefits of everything that Stance does and to get it into concise educational pieces. So now my role is moving into more of a digital network to where I’m preparing retail episodes that teach people how to sell our product for all of our stores and everybody here in Europe.

I’m delivering what I call my KNIT university, which is six episodes of a very detailed in depth look at the chronology of Stance, life over the years and then all the way into product, quality and reliability as well as material science and then an elaborate display of all of our products and the features and benefits. The episodes are anywhere from 12 minutes up to 22 minutes long, but it’s a very good educational piece. Every employee in Stance is required to take my KNIT university and pass the course with 80% or better, or they get a call from HR and possibly the president. No kidding, that’s a true story!

So my role as a Director of Product Education is to make sure that we all have a singular vernacular in the way that we speak about Stance. At the end of the day, someone’s got to pay more money for Stance and I want them to understand what the features and benefits are.


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