Berlin, September 29, 2023 – Tree Distribution is thrilled to announce the opening of our newest store ‘Tree Essentials’ located in the vibrant East Side Mall Berlin. This marks an exciting milestone for us as we continue to expand our presence in the city.


This is the second Tree Essentials Store in Berlin. Like its predecessor in Bikini Berlin, the new store provides a unique opportunity to strategically enhance the brand awareness of our tree core brands. With a prime location in the heart of the shopping district, we are excited to actively engage with customers and hope to positively influence the perception of our brands.


In addition, this new venture allows us to gain valuable insights into consumer preferences and behavior, enabling us to better serve the needs of today’s shoppers. We are committed to continually improving and tailoring our offerings to meet the demands of this dynamic market.


The store will showcase our core brands, perfectly curated for the vibrant and trendy environment of Friedrichshain. Notably, the East Side Mall is situated in the heart of this bustling district, making it an ideal location for Stance and the original Berlin brand, Ucon Acrobatics.


We are excited to welcome customers to our new East Side Mall store and look forward to providing them with an exceptional shopping experience.


For more information, please contact us!