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Safety & Style for Urban Mobility

The American Brand Unit1 designs & builds unique products for Urban Mobility.

Unit1 improves and transforms flawed experiences through design and technology – trying to make them safer, better, faster, smoother.

FARO – The perfect blend of Safety & Style

FARO is the core product of UNIT1 –  a smart helmet that delivers style, safety and comfort with an integrated state-of-the-art light system, ventilation, MIPS and fall detection, coming along with the FARO APP.

The First of its Kind – the Best of Tech x Style

Faro was designed to bring two opposing forces together: technology and style. A helmet that carries uncompromised functionality but still bears the perception of an accessory you want to wear.


Seamlessly integrated into the shell, FARO’s front & rear lights as well es break lights and turn signals keep the bike helmet clean. The Lights are designed for long-distance visibility and are customizable: they change color and even can be configured into beautiful animations – designed to ‘communicate with cars’ for more safety. The result is a helmet that makes the rider more visible and predictable on the road.


Increased protection for the brain by the latest MIPS Safety System. In case of a hard crash, the integrated fall detection reaches out with a SOS text to an emergency contact sending the accident location.


To maximize light footprint but keep the helmet clean, FARO’s huge LED array is covered beneath a signature Fabric liner. Scratch, dust & water-proof, this fabric only shows the lights when you need them.

FARO was crafted by an award-winning Design Team using a minimalistic aesthetic and clean lines. The result is a truly iconic shape and a helmet you’ll actually want to wear.