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Distribution Service for Brands - Ucon Acrobatics

Development for a vegan Brand

Vegan bags & accessories for the true individualist with a love for the urban, the functional and the beautifully designed.

Ucon Acrobatics unites a passion for creative design with a sustainable mindset. We stand for durable products that transcend the seasons. Rather than follow fleeting trends, we focus on timeless silhouettes. We feel responsible, not only for what we do but also for what we don’t. That’s why we always stay true to our vision: “minimal design, minimal emission”. This approach is driven by the belief that less can actually be more, that nothing – not humans, not animals, not the environment – should suffer for a quality product.

Twenty years after it was founded, Ucon Acrobatics remains deeply rooted in the Berlin creative scene. Regular artist collaborations have always been at the heart of our philosophy, transforming Ucon Acrobatics into a creative urban forum. Our mission is to provide high-quality designs for a new generation of creatives who are ready for change. Creatives just like us.

tree distribution has been the sole distributor for Ucon Acrobatics in Germany since 2015.

We used our in-house PR and extensive retail network in streetwear, sneakers, lifestyle, fashion and specialist leather & luggage stores to establish Ucon Acrobatics among the top lifestyle bag & accessory brands on the market. tree distribution has showcased the brand at several twice-yearly B2B fashion trade shows, such as Seek during Berlin Fashion Week and Frankfurt Fashion Week, special-interest B2B trade shows (ILM Offenbach), PR & press events such as Instyle Lounge, and numerous B2C events.

Based on an array of sales channels from streetwear and sneakers to lifestyle, fashion and specialist leather & luggage, we serve around 200 brick-and-mortar and e-commerce accounts in Germany via our showrooms in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne and Munich and frequent sales visits.