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The Book Club was formed to bring the ultimate range of eyewear, offering both fashion and function, all whilst ensuring not t compromise our planet. The TBC glasses with and without magnification block 30% of blue light emitted from screens, helping to massively reduce the effects of Digital Eye Strain.

tree distribution the sole distributor for TBC Eyewear in Germany and Austria since 2019

Due to our in-house PR and wide retail network in streetwearlifestyle and fashion and various specialty stores we have been able to establish The Book Club as one of the top lifestyle readers and blue light blockers on the market.

Due to the great variety of categories from lifestyle to book stores, museum stores and speciality channels such as opticians we work with several rep teams servicing the different channels and to ensure an clear segmentation between the different account levels via our showrooms and by constantly visiting our accounts at the POS by our different sales forces

To ensure best in-store product presentation and product knowledge for the sales clerks our visual merchandising team is constantly on the road visiting our accounts.

The Book Club was set up to create the ultimate range of eyewear, offering both fashion and function while safeguarding our planet. TBC glasses with and without magnification block 30% of blue light emitted from screens, massively reducing digital eye strain. So yes, you can keep scrolling for longer!

You may be wondering how our glasses got their curious names; they’re all based on classic novels. (We are The Book Club after all!) Have fun trying to unravel the original titles!


Blue wavelengths occur naturally in the light spectrum and are beneficial during the day, boosting attention, reaction times and mood. Blue light contains more energy than warmer colours such as reds and oranges. Digital screens emit artificial blue light, all day every day. and we can’t tear ourselves away. Blue light itself is not bad. However the prolific use of screens in our day to day lives is increasing our exposure to blue wavelengths, particularly at night. Blue light (over other light colours) causes the most upset to our circadian rhythms by supressing melatonin and impacting restful sleep patterns.


The book club +0 screen lenses cuts down blue-light absorption by 30%, limiting the over exposure to blue light emitted from screens and indoor lighting around the clock. Experts suggest that with no blue light protections, people should not to look at bright screens two to three hours before going to bed.  Short sleep has also been linked to an increased risk of depression, as well as diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

tree distribution has been the sole distributor for TBC eyewear in Germany and Austria since 2019.

We deployed our in-house PR and extensive retail network in streetwear, lifestyle, fashion and various specialist stores to establish The Book Club among the top lifestyle readers and blue-light blockers on the market. 

We work with several rep teams to service the different channels for the array of categories from lifestyle and book stores to museum stores and speciality channels like opticians. Our approach ensures clear segmentation among the various account levels through our showrooms and by frequent sales visits to our accounts at the POS.

To optimise in-store product presentation and maintain sales staff product knowledge, our visual-merchandising team is constantly on the road visiting our accounts.