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Sisstrevolution is a brand focusing on female surfers’ needs – from swimwear to loungewear, wetsuits to fashion and surfing accessories galore.

We are a band of sisstrs; creators, swell followers and adventure seekers united by our obsession with the sea. She guides our travels, influences our creative, and promises us the ride of our life. We take what she gives with gratitude and give back to sustain her future.

Welcome to your SisstrEvolution

tree distribution has been handling all aspects of sales (in-house, sales force, sales management, key account management), marketing, PR and credit control for Sisstrevolution since the brand’s 2017 launch.

We service a wide range of pure surf, action-sports and outdoor brick-and-mortar and e-commerce accounts in Germany and Austria through our showrooms in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Salzburg and frequent sales visits.

We serve a wide range of pure surf, action-sportsand outdoor brick & mortar and e-commerce accounts in Germany and Austria via our showrooms in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Salzburg and visit our account during the constant tours of our sales force.