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The brand is available at retail stores in 42 countriesKAREN WALKER

Made for those who aren’t afraid to go their own way, Karen Walker eyewear reflects a restless, adventurous spirit with bold, oversized shapes, eclectic colours and utilitarian features.

tree distribution has been the sole distributor for Karen Walker eyewear in Germany and Austria since 2019.

We used our in-house PR and extensive retail network in fashion and specialist optical stores to establish the Karen Walker eyewear collection on the market. tree distribution has showcased the brand at several twice-yearly B2B fashion trade shows, such as Seek during Berlin Fashion Week and Frankfurt Fashion Week, special-interest B2B trade shows (Opti Munich), PR & press events such as Instyle Lounge, and numerous B2C events.

Karen Walker eyewear enjoys a strict selected distribution to assure the exclusive image of this premium brand.


September 2019 Karen Walker is celebrating her optical debut. The optical collection from Karen Walker Eyewear may seem like a radical and remarkable move for the designer who has come to dominate the outré end of the sunglass spectrum. Opticals, after all, are a different ballgame. Design execution becomes elevated to an exacting degree as each pair of frames needs to be industry-fit and calibrated in terms of strength, fit, weight and comfort to meet stringent wearer and optician requirements.

To achieve this required level of technical detailing and yet maintain that elusive edge of subversive chic that is the Karen Walker Eyewear trademark is the tightrope that had to be walked in this premier collection which comes out swinging with 50 new styles.

Karen Walker Optical is about reinventing cultural snapshots with an artful ease that belies the depth of historical reference whilst still seeing silhouettes hone in on classic ­­­­looks from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s.


Key Styles der Karen Walker Optical Linie sind als Blue Blockers mit innovativer Blaulichtfiltertechnologie erhältlich. Key styles in the Opticals range are available as blue blockers to address screen user eyestrain. Karen Walker blue light filtering lenses act as a barrier between your eyes and the potentially harmful blue light emitted by digital devices such as smartphones and computers. Extensive exposure to blue light as a result of the use of devices has been linked to long-term eye damage, blurred vision, sore and irritated eyes, headaches and sleep disruption. Karen Walker lenses reduce blue light absorption by 30%.