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Urban Lifestyle & Outdoor Fashion

Fat Moose is an Urban Outdoor brand merging fashion with tech creating designs that are crafted from Scandinavian weather, to keep you warm, dry and stylish.

Founded in the south of Copenhagen back in 2010, the focus right from the beginning was on making winter jackets for men that are durable and at a good, decent price. Pants, overshirts, vests, fleece and more followed with the brand’s growing popularity.

When the City Lives in the Outdoors.

Always having the Nordic Nature in mind, Fat Moose combines “Urban lifestyle” and “Outdoor“. Frankly speaking one should be able to have a jacket that looks good on the way to work or going out and then be functional enough to wear in the forest, on the mountains and just being active outdoors.

3M Thinsulate Featherless

All Fat Moose jackets and vests are made with functional featherless 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation that is a kinder alternative to feathers and an innovative, sustainable and vegan material to replace natural down; A loose-fill insulation designed by scientists that mimics down when dry, and is warmer than down when wet. 3M helps you to stay warm and dry by trapping and holding body heat, while allowing moisture to escape.

Whatever the season, whatever small or big adventures you have coming up, Fat Moose clothing should be your best friend.