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Distribution Service for INDESCRATCHABLES

INDESCRATCHABLES eyewear is a space for evolving innovation and new material introductions to let functional glasses look fashion. Responding to universal shifts in how we live, INDESCRATCHABLES envisions evolutionary humanity, with futurism at its core. Grounded in innovative design and sustainable outcomes,

commuter utility, street, and active influences seamlessly unite into a post-2020 range of capsule-delivered eyewear.

INDESCRATCHABLES is a space for evolving innovation, new material introductions, user feedback and problem-solving design. Delivered in a world led by consumer demand rather than the traditional retail calendar. Each capsule has a functional focus, creating purposeful, adaptive, and tailored products for the wearer.

tree distribution has been the sole distributor for INDESCRATCHABLES in Germany since its 2021 launch there.
Using our in-house PR and extensive platform experience, we introduced the brand that summer to targeted consumer groups with great results.